Baseball’s offseason: He’s Just Not That In To You

With the release of ‘He’s Just Not That In To You’ last Friday, what better way to illustrate the frustrations of baseball’s off season than to compare it with the frustrations that can sometimes accompany dating.

Baseball is currently in it’s off season, meaning there are no games being played and many players are without a team, making them ‘free agents’ (if free agents were in college, they would have ‘single’ under relationship status on Facebook because they are not in a relationship with any team, they are free to play the field so to speak).

Presently, the most prized free agent is Manny Ramirez, one of the greatest hitters of all time. Last year, he finished the season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and that team is desperately trying to bring him back. They offered Ramirez a 3-year $60 million contract that he ignored and he turned down their next offer for arbitration. Recently, Ramirez turned down LA’s 1-year $25 million offer.

Three offers, three rejections. Uh Los Angeles, Ramirez is JUST NOT THAT IN TO YOU! Being rejected three times by the same person is a pretty good indicator that they are just not that in to you which is a lot like baseball’s free agency system. For whatever reason, Ramirez is not happy with the contract, the team, Los Angeles etc. Maybe he eventually sees the light and signs with the Dodgers, but as for now, the Dodgers will have to try find a new special someone (other free agents).

The somewhat contentious negotiation between Ramirez and the Dodgers means that both sides should probably move on like a dude spurned by unrequited love. Besides, that would give my San Francisco Giants the chance to make a move on Ramirez  because we are soooo in to what he can bring to our team (CHAMPIONSHIP).


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