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The Comeback

So it’s been more than a year since my last post. In that time, I’ve pursued two careers, moved cities, and grew just a little bit more awesome.

But I have not lost my desire to write so this post is my comeback post.

Sports, much like celebrity life, are filled with comebacks.

Lance Armstrong overcame cancer to win the Tour de France multiple times. Shia LeBeouf overcame a severe car crash and broken hand to film the masterpiece that is Transformers 2.

Mickey Rourke came back from some mediocre films to lay the smack down with The Wrestler. Randy Moss came back from some bad seasons in Oakland to be one of the top receivers in the NFL with the Patriots.

Michael Vick came back from prison and some bad decisions relating to canines to be relevant in the NFL again. Britney Spears made some really bad decisions (like not wearing underwear, K-Fed, baldness) and has kind of returned to normalcy. Or at least as normal as she can be…

Lindsey Lohan has the comeback hat-trick going. We’re all waiting with bated breath for Miss Lohan to overcome bad movies, bad decisions, and bad behavior to lock up an Academy Award nomination. Write it down. It’ll happen…

The point is, sports fans love comeback stories and athletics are always generous enough to provide plenty of story lines. If you’re down now, you can be up tomorrow. If you’re up today, you can be down in the future only to be up again.

That’s the beauty of sports. The games themselves offer the perfect stage to overcome whatever it is you’re trying to overcome by winning.

Hopefully, my comeback of sorts is more like Michael Jordan’s Bulls comeback (Robert Downey Jr. proportions) and less like Jordan’s Wizards comeback (the debacle that is Courtney Love) .


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