The Slump

The Skeleton Key was really boring. You, Me and Dupree was tedious and should only be watched once. Fool’s Gold is the worst movie ever made. My Best Friend’s Girl robbed moviegoers of two hours of their lives. Bride Wars received mixed reviews at best.

These were Kate Hudson’s last five movies and she is just one more bad flick away from being relegated to B-list actress status. We love her because she is cute, bubbly, intelligent, and has good comedic timing, but she is mired in a slump.

Hudson was outstanding in Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but slumps do not care about past achievements. Much like Hudson right now, baseball hitters go through slumps too.

A slump for a hitter would be like recording zero hits in more than15 or so at-bats. Even the best hitters go into slumps, but all hitters have interesting ways of breaking out of them.

For instance, some hitters will change a pre-game meal routine or wear their socks high. Others will take a different route to the ball park. For really bad slumps, some hitters have even taken batting practice naked or have worn a thong during the game. Yes, the last two are true. And the scary thing is, if it works, you can’t change your routine.

So if taking batting practice naked and wearing a thong during the game breaks the slump, then that’s your new routine. So choose your routine wisely.

For Kate Hudson, it appears dating or hanging out with a random assortment of athletes and celebrities is her new thing. She’s been connected with Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez and various rockstars. And there have even been rumors she’s had a little work done to ‘enlarge’ some of her attributes and I’m not talking about her personality.

The key to breaking out of a slump is admitting that you are indeed in one. This writer for instance, went through a slump on the pitcher’s mound and promptly shaved his head. It was a symbol for a clean purge, not to mention, it looked pretty cool.

Kate Hudson chose plastic surgery as a symbol of a new beginning. So between shaving your head and plastic surgery, lies your key to breaking out of your own personal slump be it a job search, the search for a romantic interest, or just a rut you find yourself trying to overcome.

Perhaps a new workout routine, hairstyle, cell phone case, or flavor of coffee is all you  need to attack your slump.

Best of luck finding that slump-breaker and best of luck breaking out of that slump…


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