OMG!! That’s my effin’ song!

You’re cruising in some sporty car with the top down. Your hair swirls in the wind and the sun warms your bronzed skin. You hold your favorite drink from Starbucks and you are surrounded by your bff’s.

Can’t get any better? Well, it does because some song by Colbie Caillat or Sara Bareilles starts playing. And now the situation is perfect because as one of your bff’s screams from the back, “Ohmygod! It’s our effin’ song!”

It is your effin’ song, but what does that mean? For some reason, this song simply resonates with you. Whether it’s the lyrics or the music, the song makes you happier and gives you confidence.

Guys have effin’ songs too, but they are usually performed by AC/DC or Metallica. Not Colbie or Sara…

And athletes have effin’ songs too. Watch enough sports and you’ll see athletes wearing earphones before games. Arenas and stadiums blare music before, during and after the games too. Even the highlight reels have musical accompaniment.

But it goes deeper than that. Each baseball player has their own song played at the stadium. Every hitter hears their song of their choice before every at-bat and every pitcher hears their song before they take the mound.

For hitters, it’s called a ‘walk-out song’ with some famous ones being Barry Bonds and Next Episode, Derek Jeter and Empire State of Mind, and Alex Rodriguez and Who Let the Dogs Out (no surprise A-Rod would choose a surprisingly lame song).

For pitchers, it’s called an ‘entrance song.’ Some famous examples are Trevor Hoffman and Hell’s Bells, Mariano Rivera and Enter Sandman, and Eric Gagne and Welcome to the Jungle (aren’t you intimidated already with those song titles?).

Just like when you need your effin’ song to get pumped up for a big girls’ night out, athletes need to get pumped up for their performance and a hyper-masculine song by Led Zeppelin or Lil Wayne can do just that.

Music and athletics have been intertwined for years. You hear about musicians wanting to play sports like Garth Brooks or Master-P (I know, weird pairing). And there are athletes who have (unfortunately) made some music like Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Allen Iverson, Bronson Arroyo, and Ron Artest to name a few.

So the next time you’re rolling to the club and a Jay-Z or Britney song comes on, think about the athletes (and Miley Cyrus) listening to music to get fired up too. You have more in common with professional athletes than you think…


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