The Pose and The Stance

You’re out on girls’ night and one of your friends wants to snap a picture. The five of you line up for the pic as an eager waiter holds the digital camera. As he is about to take the picture, your right hand subconsciously holds your waist just above your right hip while your left hand hangs loosely by your left side holding your clutch. You smile and FLASH…

The waiter rushes over to show you his expert camera work on the digital screen and you realize you and all of your friends are in the exact same one-arm-bent-with-hand-holding-waist-just-above-the-hip pose.

You shouldn’t be surprised; that pose is the go-to,  sweet-spot, money-in-the-bank pose every woman has. Don’t believe me? I included numerous examples of female celebrities rocking the pose in this post. I don’t have a research team, so I had to spend many hours scouring the Internet for these pics. It was an arduous task, but someone had to do it…

While there are hundreds of poses out there, this pose is the one celebrities use on their biggest night whether it’s the Oscars, the Grammys, or some other award show that drags on for five hours.

A batting stance in baseball works the same way. There are literally thousands of batting stances used in baseball just like there are thousands of poses in the typical Bazaar, Elle, or Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition (again, research). But, there’s only one way to hit a baseball just like there’s only the classic pose that’s to be used on the red carpet.

The many batting stances will all look different before the pitch. Some hitters will have their hands high, some will have an open stance, some will have a frenzy of movement, and some will just look very uncomfortable. But when the ball meets the bat, every good hitter will look identical. I’ve included some pictures of Major League hitters at the moment of contact between ball and bat and you’ll see that the hitters all look the same.

So when Katy Perry sees photographers on the red carpet, muscle memory takes over and she snaps into the pose. A hitter in baseball does the same when he sees the pitch, his muscle memory takes over, and the bat connects with the ball.

And oh by the way, hitters, much like the celeb who perfected her pose, practice their swings in the mirror too…

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