My mother knows the difference between the high and low post in basketball and can explain the infield-fly rule with ease. My sister can hand-score a baseball game; a skill a lot of men do not possess. The average woman may not be as interested in sports as the average man, but I assumed that some form of basic sports knowledge was innate in all of us.

Then I attended graduate school for journalism and imagine my surprise when some of my female classmates confused the Superbowl Champion New York Giants with the baseball team known as the San Francisco Giants. They knew that left tackles, safeties, and full backs played football, but not their roles on the field or even if they were on offense or defense. Roger Federer, perhaps the greatest tennis player ever, was a complete unkown.

Granted, I could not tell you a single song title on the new Britney Spears album or what the next “in” color will be, but I do know sports. And if you are a lady who wants to learn just a bit more about sports to maybe impress your boyfriend, husband, dad, boss, brother, guy-friend, son, etc., then ‘Eye Black and Rouge’ is the blog to read (eye black is the black strip under athletes’ eyes used to reflect the sun). There will not be any technical or crazy-complicated sports posts here. Rather, the posts will be educational and written in a way that relate to things that you know.

Soon, phrases like “I threw him a curveball” or “we have to put on the full court press” or “on-deck” will make sense. The wide world of sports could always use more fans!


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