Sports Movies

I love movies. I love sports. I love movies about sports. Throw in a little romance, some comedy, and good sports scenes, and you have a cinematic masterpiece. Films such as ‘For Love of the Game’ and ‘Hoosiers’ should be required viewing. Here, I will throw in my two cents on various sports movies. A movie involving a little sports and a little romance is the perfect date movie because it makes everyone happy. And people like being happy 😉


2 responses to “Sports Movies

  1. Paula

    One of my ALL TIME favorites ::dun dun dun:: A League of Their Own! Ugh, such a great movie!

  2. I love sports movies! So much so, that I created a web site about sports movies. Take a look at and check it out. There are a lot of trailers on there which are always fun to watch. I am also looking for peeps to review the movies.

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